Septic Cleaning

Is It Time for Septic Tank Cleaning?

A properly maintained septic system manages your home’s wastewater efficiently. To remain functional, your septic system requires pumping and cleaning regularly. Most homeowners are unaware of how often they should pump their system or how to recognize the tell-tale signs their septic tank signals.

Scum buildup inside your septic tank leads to leaks and overflows – a costly, issue. As waste starts to build up, the scum floats to the top of your system, while the sludge sinks and sticks at the bottom. Therefore, you must have your system professionally cleaned as needed to avoid congestion.

4 Signs Your Tank Needs Professional Septic Cleaning in Guelph

There is no magic number for how often you should clean your system. Variables like how many people use your home’s wastewater and the amount of water used in your home will determine how quickly it requires a cleaning. Instead of marking a date on the calendar, look out for the warning signs your tank needs a cleaning or has reached the point of congestion.

  1. Smells: The most obvious sign is the smell. The smell is unmistakable, and if you notice a foul odour coming from your drains around the septic tank, you may have a blockage or too much scum buildup on the inside.
  2. Marshy Areas or Pooling Water: Once the system becomes congested, you might notice marshy looking areas on the lawn and eventually you will see pooling water. Your tank is leaking underground and giving off excess moisture. Before pooling begins, you might see that the grass around your underground tank is greener and lush. The green grass around the reservoir area means excess moisture below.
  3. Slow Drains Inside: In your home, the pipes should move free and quickly. If you notice that your drains are sluggish, you might have a clog in the system or a backed up septic tank. A full system also drains slower than usual.
  4. Sewage Backup: If the above signs go ignored, you are likely to experience a sewage backup. Wastewater will come back up through your sink, bathtub, and basement drains. When this happens, you must hire a professional to clean the sewage, because it can be harmful to the occupants in your home.

Avoid Sewage Backups by Conducting Regular Septic Tank Cleanings

Maintaining your septic system is important. Having your system inspected on a regular basis ensures you do not deal with backup, odours, or pooling water on the lawn. Cleaning your septic system effluent filter throughout the year prevents blockages and congestion while saving you the thousands it costs to clean up a septic tank overflow.

Weber Septic Service offers experienced cleaning and flushing services for residential and commercial septic systems. If your home requires septic tank cleaning in Guelph or you have a blockage that needs to be resolved, our technicians can come to your home and take care of the problem quickly.

Keep your home’s septic system in ideal shape by hiring Weber Septic Service. Schedule a free estimate with us online or you can give us a call at 800-208-2641
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