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Replacement Alternatives

Septic System Replacement Alternatives

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If your septic system has stopped functioning properly, it may be time to seek a replacement solution, but you can also look into effective alternatives.

The Terralift system can be of assistance when your problem is focused around odorous seepage coming from your leach field. Using the Terralift 2000, our team can quickly make an impact on this issue, and this system can also help with compaction and improper drainage.

Leach Field System

The way that the Terralift 2000 works is that a probe is placed in the ground where your leach field is located, and it reaches down to depths of around 3 to 6 feet. Once the probe is in the ground, it forces air into the soil, loosening surrounding compacted dirt and creating freer flowing drainage systems.

Terralift Probe

Along with the air, polystyrene beads are injected

into the soil to keep all fissures and cracks open,

promoting a long-lasting drainage solution.

Weber Septic Services Limited

Weber Septic Services is the only business in the local area utilizing this technology, and we’ve seen great success. Give us a call to learn more.

Bio Aeration Systems (BAS)

Most septic system failures are partially caused by the clogging of biomat, which is the mixture of solid matter and bacteria that travels from the septic tank and into the leaching field. One way to break up the biomat is by introducing aerobic bacteria.

With the Bio Aeration System, we can introduce aerobic bacteria into your septic tank and leaching field. This will promote the increased breakdown of solid waste, making clogs less likely.

Other Alternatives

Speak with our experts about other options that you may have versus replacing your septic system. These options may include leach bed flushing, bacterial injections and peroxide treatments.

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